Nudefest Terms

Nudefest Booking Terms and Conditions

We request and require all our members, and visitors to Nudefest, to comply with our terms and conditions, which are in addition, and complementary, to Thorney Lakes’s.

If you or your party does not comply with either set of Terms and Conditions, the Nudefest Management Team may ask you to leave the festival immediately, without any refund, and/or prohibit future entry to BN (British Naturism) events and could request BN terminate your membership.

1.1  The use of threatening behaviour and/or foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and will result in the offender being asked to leave the festival by a member of the Nudefest Management Team, Security and/or Thorney Lakes Staff. BN reserves the right to refuse or terminate admission, without refund, to anyone who does not adhere to expected customary codes of conduct for attendance at naturist events.

1.2  Please show consideration for other members and visitors and ensure that everyone conducts their-self at all times with due regard to the health and safety of their-self and others.

1.3  Do not walk, drive, or cycle off the site naked. Anyone attending Nudefest is not to be naked outside of the camp sites’ boundaries (unless 1.4 applies).  Anyone asked to leave under these circumstances will not be allowed to attend any future Nudefest event and will not be eligible for any refund.

1.4  Nudefest will occasionally organize walks in the area of the festival, which will be programmed and led by a member of the Nudefest Management Team or an appointed walk leader. Parts of these walks may be nominated as clothes optional but this will be at the discretion of the organizer and advertised as such when applicable.   

1.5 Visits to commercial premises and tourist attractions during Nudefest may be nominated as clothes optional by the Nudefest Management Team. This will be with the owners’ or location managers’ permission and will be subject to their control. Any rules regarding nudity that they impose must be complied with.

1.6   BN accepts advance bookings on the understanding that applicants provide the correct information at the time of booking. If information is deemed to have been incorrect upon arrival on site, BN reserves the right to revoke the booking and refuse entry to the festival.

1.7  People attending Nudefest must provide a current BN membership card and/or a current national government issued photo ID (i.e. driving licence or passport) on arrival. Those unable to produce the specified documents are strongly advised to contact the Management Team well in advance, to agree if an alternative will suffice. Admission to the site is entirely at the discretion of BN and the site owner. In the interests of security, everyone must stop and report to Nudefest reception immediately on arrival at the site, then complete a registration form, which will be retained by the Management for 28 days. Once completed, a Festival wristband will be issued which must be worn on the wrist at all times, remain visible and may be subject to random security checks.

1.8  Anyone who is on bail, Released Under Investigation, received a caution or conviction for a sexually related offence is not permitted entry to Nudefest. Anyone suspected of contravening this will be asked to leave the festival until they can supply Government approved documentation refuting any allegation. This is in the interests of all to ensure Nudefest remains a safe environment. 

1.9  The Festival is only open to new arrivals between 0900hrs and 1800hrs after this time reception is shut and people arriving outside these times must contact BN or the Nudefest Management 24hrs prior to arrival to arrange entry. Pitches are available from 1200hrs. Where a booking is not taken up within 24hrs of the 1200hrs start time, unless the Nudefest Management Team have been contacted by email or phone and an amendment receipted, Management may determine that the pitch be available for reallocation.

2.0  Pitches must be vacated by 1100hrs on the day of departure, and a day pass purchased if  required. Day visitors must leave the site 30 minutes after the licensed premises have closed. Failure to leave without due cause will incur a penalty of £50. 

2.1   If you wish to cancel your booking you must advise BN immediately by letter/email. We will incur substantial additional administration costs when a booking is cancelled. 
Cancellation & refund terms:

•    60+ days notice – 50% initial payment is non-refundable. Any monies already paid over 50% will be refunded.
•    59 days or less  - 100% is due even if a cancellation is made within this time.

In exceptional circumstances beyond our control we may have to cancel a booking. If we do so, we will tell the person who made the booking as soon as possible prior to the date and they will receive a full refund. We also reserve the right to change an allocated pitch either on arrival or during a stay. A pitch is an area designed to accommodate one sleeping area i.e. a tent with or without an awning and a vehicle. Any extra vehicle must be parked in the visitor’s car park. 

2.2 People with disabilities are encouraged to contact BN so that any concerns, worries, or potential access problems are discussed to ensure that where possible the site can meet a person’s needs and expectations. The site is a working farm and not all areas are fully accessible.

2.3  Members and visitors are not to trade or solicit business on site, or tout, or engage in commercial advertising without prior permission having been obtained from the Nudefest Management Team.

2.4  In the event of poor ground conditions a particular pitch may not be available. The Nudefest Management and the Site Owner will endeavour to advise you in advance should this occur although no responsibility can be accepted if this is not possible. In general terms pitches will be allocated on arrival. Pitching is designed with safety in mind, please site your accommodation as requested by your pitching marshal on arrival, their decision is final.

2.5  Members, visitors, and contractors must familiarize themselves with the site's fire regulations, fire exits and fire-fighting equipment and their location as soon as they arrive on site. Barbeques must be purpose built and portable, standing clear of the ground. There must be no possibility of damage to the ground. Only gas or charcoal barbeques may be used. Unauthorized campfires, flares and fire based wind lanterns are not permitted at Nudefest.

2.6  Chemical disposal points must be used for the disposal of waste. Temporary or permanent toilets must NOT be used for this purpose. Anyone found having emptied waste down a toilet will be liable for any cost incurred in cleaning out filters or unblocking drains or associated issues. 

2.7 For your safety, we have a "six metre rule" which means that units (excluding guy ropes) must be 6 metres apart from adjacent units in order to protect against fire. Any barbeque unit (along with any ancillary equipment) must fit within the confines of your pitch whilst maintaining the 6 metre rule. If this cannot be achieved you may need to purchase an additional pitch (if available) or remove the ancillary equipment.

2.8  People attending Nudefest must ensure that any electrical cable used by them, particularly from the hook up point to a pitch, is safe. Ideally all privately owned cabling should be protected by a residual current device (RCD).

2.9  Only food and drink purchased from the vendors providing such may be consumed within the Nudefest marquees, tents or gazebos.  Attendees are reminded that the bar areas are licensed premises and as such normal licensing legislation applies. In particular anyone asked to leave a bar by the licensee or security may subsequently be refused entry to any licensed areas within Nudefest. The details of anyone asked to leave will be shared with the Nudefest Management Team and offenders may be asked to leave the festival. 

3.0   A 'Challenge 21’ policy is operated at Nudefest. Anyone perceived to be under the influence of alcohol will not be served. A 'No Illegal Drugs' policy operates at Nudefest and anyone found to be using or dealing controlled drugs (as defined by the Misuse of Drugs act) will be evicted from the festival and the Police notified.

3.1  Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the marquees, tents, or gazebos. Smokers must use the designated smoking areas or the confines of their pitch. Smokers must be mindful that Thorney Lakes is also a farm and crops may be at risk from fire. 

3.2  Pets are welcome on site, but owners are responsible for the behaviour of their animals. Animals are not allowed to be loose on site and are to be kept on a lead no longer than 2 metres. Please exercise animals in the areas provided, or off site and not on the events field. Ensure that your pets do not foul the site: owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. If it is deemed that a pet is creating a nuisance or causing disturbance to others, the owner will be asked to remove them from the site.

3.3  With the exception of assistance dogs, animals and pets are only allowed into the main marquee in the designated dog friendly area via the marked access points, both will be clearly marked. No animals, except assistance dogs are allowed into Area 52 other marquees, tents, gazebos, toilet blocks, or any other buildings.

3.4  Designated recreational areas are available across the site and are indicated on the information map. Ball games, frisbee, cricket and any other games that may interfere with the enjoyment of others are not allowed in the camping areas. For safety reasons the flying of model aircraft, drones and kites is prohibited within the confines of the Festival.

3.5  It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure children and young people are supervised at all times, on and off site. Special attention should be given to the use of toilet blocks, participation in events or sessions, and near areas of water.
3.6  Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times so as not to disturb the enjoyment of others. Attendees are advised that some of the organized entertainment may be noisy.  

3.7  Vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists are required to adhere to the festival’s 5 mph speed limit and follow any one way system in place. Disabled parking is available for those people displaying a Blue Disabled badge. All roads and paths including temporary lanes must be kept free of any obstruction to allow the free passage of emergency vehicles. Surplus car parking is available and is to be used by day visitors and campers with excess vehicles.  

3.8  Rubbish should be recycled wherever possible. Plastic recyclable glasses can be purchased from the bar and people are encouraged to bring their own cutlery and plates if using the catering facility. Please remember that the festival is held on agricultural land so please do not leave behind any rubbish, including cigarette remains etc., can rings, metal pegs, or similar that could cause harm to livestock.

3.9  If a unit or other property is left at the festival without paying or prior arrangement, the site’s owner or the Nudefest Management Team shall be entitled to make such arrangements as it may deem fit for the removal or storage of such property. The expense of such storage or removal shall be charged to you. If you fail to pay such an account within 14 days of an account being rendered, then the site’s owner or BN may make such further arrangements as may be deemed fit to dispose of the property to reimburse itself for out-of-pocket expenses and to recover any unpaid fees due.

4.0  All items of lost property will be retained for 7 days after the close of the Festival. Items not claimed after this period will be donated to a local charity or church close to the site. This includes any monies. Any items that are not of use to any of the local charities will be disposed of. Anything where the owner is readily identifiable will be either directly returned to the owner if still on site or they will be contacted by phone if possible. Where items of property are claimed the claimant will be expected to provide a description of the item(s) lost sufficient to confirm identity. The claimant must sign for all items claimed and record their full name and address.

4.1  BN will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage (howsoever caused) to property, including, particularly, but not exclusively, personal belongings, cash, jewellery and other valuables, electrical or photographic equipment, caravanning and camping equipment, animals, and motor vehicles.

4.2  To ensure people have a safe, enjoyable festival and to prevent and detect crime the Nudefest Management team may exchange personal data with Security, the owners of Thorney Lakes and Government agencies.

4.3 Photography is permitted on a person’s own pitch only with the express permission of everyone within the picture. Cameras are not allowed in other areas, unless being taken to an organized photographic shoot or session. Mobile phones must not be used to take pictures except as authorized here.

4.4 Overt genital piecing and/or jewellery is not permitted and attendees may be asked to remove such items. If this is not possible or a person refuses to do so they may be asked to leave the festival. 

4.5  BN’s  responsibility and financial liability (excluding any liability for death or personal injury due to negligence of it, or its agents) shall be limited to the return of monies received, in the event of accommodation, booked in good faith, not being available owing to exceptional weather conditions, flood or fire, or any other cause beyond its control.

4.6  Any complaint must in the first instance be addressed to a member of the Nudefest Management Team. If in the unlikely event that the complaint cannot be resolved then it should be addressed, in writing, for the attention of the General Secretary, BN Head Office, 30-32 Wycliffe Road, Northampton, NN1 5JF.


These terms and conditions were created by the Nudefest Management Team and updated on 25th Oct 2019

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